Tuesday, December 31, 2013

As One Year Ends, Another Begins

     Tis the season to reflect on the past year and think about what this year has been. What have been my struggles, what have I excelled at? What do I want to keep doing, where can I improve? First and foremost I have been quite the slacker in my blogging. I cannot believe I had not written a single word on this blog since September. I had hardly thought about it, not because I didn't want to write I just couldn't find a spare moment. Full time work plus full time school totally kicked my behind this semester. I do not know my total word count for school this semester but it was quite high on top of all the reading and research I also had to do. Per usual this has led to some self-neglect. I have barely taken the time to look at this blog. I have missed writing. Writing this blog has allowed me to look at some things more objectively, which I am definitely missing. Over the past year I have appreciated the perspective writing has given me. This year I have also read more. I have read more blogs, have fallen in love with Colleen Vanderlinden's HIDDEN webserial. If you aren't reading it you should be! Buy the first two books on Amazon here. Season 3 is well on it's way and you can read that here. I look forward to Mondays now and it is all her fault! :-) 
     2013 wasn't all happiness and self-growth. There has been loss both in game and out. There has been large amounts of unhealthy stress and where in 2012 I took time to work on my health I feel that I seriously fell off of that wagon in 2013. 2013 felt like a whirlwind of activity. My body is feeling the pain of that. Recently, I lost my guild in WoW. Circumstances happen, drama occurs, and we have to move on. I am trying to. For the first time in a couple of months I have looked forward to logging in. For one it is currently guiltless since I am not neglecting school to play, but also, I am enjoying the new people I am meeting in the @TwistedNationKT. It was nice to be welcomed with open arms. I am still sorting out who is who and what is what, but I have enjoyed everyone I have met and am looking forward to spending more time there. 
     In life there is always room to grow and that is what I want for my 2014. I want to grow in every way possible. I want to become healthier physically and emotionally. I want my relationships to grow. I want to feel more balanced. I tend to be a person who finds the new thing I HAVE TO DO!! Then I over do it, and all motivation is lost. I have some changes I need to make, the most important I think is moderation, finding balance. Part of that balance is knowing when I am doing too much. I am not making resolutions this year, I have never ever kept them. So this year I am working with some goals for changes I want to see. General types of things, and not expecting perfection of myself. I want to make small changes that allow for better balance. I recently have been thinking of some new hobbies I want to try out. Things that will benefit my family and give me a sense of satisfaction and completion. I have been cooking a lot, love cooking. I want to make a small garden for the spring/summer. I always say I have a black thumb, in reality it is laziness that stops me from watering the plants. Black thumb is an excuse. I know I am capable of growing a small garden, I want to really try. I do not want to jump in and over do it and grow all the things because I know that I won't be successful at that. I also really, really, REALLY want to make some body lotion/butter for my eczema child. I already make our own laundry soap I think this will help with the last few stubborn areas. I am thinking that I might try to use the blog to document these misadventures. The internet can be my accountabilibuddy! We shall see.
     At the end of January school starts back up, again I have a full schedule. I know I'll be absent a lot during this time. I will allow myself to write when I can and when there is something I want to say/get out. I have always used this blog as more of a journal that others can read. Which for someone who is as private as I am is kinda odd really... Sure there is something there for me to analyze later, but not now. Now is the time to wrap up my ramblings and say Happy New Year to all of you, I hope 2014 is everything you need it to be. 

Peace and Love,

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