Sunday, August 16, 2015

That time when you forgot to blog...

So, I have a blog.. I think I must have forgotten.. or gotten busy.. or something. I don't know why, but for the last year I haven't written a word! A whole year. I suck at this blogging thingy I guess. Maybe it's more that the last year has seemed an extension of the same. Plus life is busy with family, work, school, and internship. (Did I forget to mention that I graduate in December!! Well now you know, I'm a teensy bit excited :D :D :D :D :D) What I didn't realize would happen is that by having two school aged kids I would have even more to do. I had this silly belief that things would be easier once youngest started school. HA! As always things didn't get easier, they just changed. One would think I would grasp this concept by now. Oh well! While they are both more self-sufficient in many ways, there is now a lot more time dedicated to homework, projects, and family gaming. (yay!!)

Anyway, I had a few minutes and decided to look at my blog and I realized that it had been a full year! Can't believe it. Also, I realized that I missed the whole blogging thing. So, here I am again typing words. My gaming life has had its ups and downs. During school I don't have nearly as much time to game, so during the last few months I have spent a good chunk of my free time in the evenings doing that. Getting to talk and play with friends is great, and has made these summer months super enjoyable for me. Family gaming is a thing in our household, especially now that my 6 year old is a gaming wizard. Any game she picks up she does surprisingly well at. She even has leveled a hunter to 11 on her trial WoW account. What has been hard as a parent is making sure she has gaming boundaries. She would spend all day on the WiiU or the PC gaming if we let her. We let her earn her time in 20 minute increments by doing chores and having good behavior, etc. 

Overall, I have enjoyed the time I am able to log into WoW and play. I see a lot of criticism of WoW on twitter and the forums. For me WoW has always been my stress relief, and if I'm not enjoying it I'll do something else. I'm still enjoying myself, I level lots of alts most of them are lowbies. I have been working on a lvl 70 twink with a group of friends. We hope to eventually get 10 of us together and raid Karazhan. If you're interested feel free to tweet me @Jaygurrl or find us on We usually lvl toons on Saturday nights. There is no rush, just and end goal once we get there. We are casuals afterall.  

Surprisingly this only took 2 days to write, but now laundry and food prep for the week calls! Hopefully I find time to write some more, sooner rather than a year from now... With the upcoming WoW expansion I have a feeling that I will have more to say.

Peace and Love


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