Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all if you celebrate it. If not, have a wonderful Sunday. I am looking forward to Nobel Garden, I am trying to finally get my what a long, strange trip it's been achievement. Wish me luck! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying time with family and friends. This is what makes life worth it, and if you can spend some time with your Azerothian friends all the better :)

Peace and Love


  1. Good luck with that achievment- I don't have it yet either - I only started playing a year ago - and it took me a good six months to realise that each themed event counts towards something - so *here's to the good slog* *clicks glass* :)

    1. I am sooo close :) 2 more bunny ears to go! It has taken me about 3 years at first I didn't really care about achieves, but now I do. I find it fun to wander the world and just do what I want. *clicks glass* Enjoy your meanderings!