Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Favorite WoW Things

Happy Thursday All!
     Life has been crazy and I haven't been able to write as much as I would like. That is just how things are sometimes. As I was reading over my previous posts I came to a realization. Most of them are a little soap boxy, and while I think I have valid points in them I wanted to share my more fun and quirky side this time. I am far less serious than I have let on. So onto the list: My Favorite WoW Things!!
  1. That moment when you complete an epic quest chain and you have helped to accomplish some insanely difficult task. One of the best moments ever! Makes me feel awesome and I have to tell EVERYONE!! 
  2. Similarly, killing rares with my friends. Gathering up, taking on this huge boss together and burning it down and looting it! 
  3. Did I mention loot? Loot is awesome... even if it is mostly 28 gold.
  4. Mounts, I recently have discovered I do love collecting mounts, working on my 100 mounts achievement. 14 more to go I think... Once I get it I will be soooooo excited. Then I'll have to start plugging away at the new 200 achieve.
  5. It hasn't happened yet, but it's coming and I don't think we know how to get it yet but I am so excited for the Faerie Dragon Mount. OMG!! looks sooo amazing and I want I want I want!! 
  6. My friends!! All the amazing people I have met through WoW. We laugh, we cry, we make fart jokes and that's awesome :-).
  7. WoW Monopoly, because it's Monopoly and it's WoW. Enough said!
  8. The WoW Twitter community, I had no idea it was out there until I found it. They are great supportive people and I am so happy I did. I have learned so much more about WoW and it's impact on people than I knew was possible. 
  9. WoW Podcasts, they keep me occupied at work and up to date on the latest news. Makes my work week fly by.
  10. WoW is family time. I play with my husband, and now his mom plays too.  Gives us a common hobby and I can't help but smile when my youngest asks me: "Mom are you playing Heals is a Panda?" (My priest is named Healette and I race changed her to a panda when mists came out). I think its freaking adorable, and my kids love dragons too! :-).

I could go on and on about all the things I love about WoW and the community that surrounds it, but I'll stop here... for now. Feel free to share with me what your favorite WoW things are in the comments below or follow me on Twitter @Jaygurrl

Peace and Love

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