Friday, June 14, 2013

Blink twice

I remember being a child and hearing the adults all talk about how time flies. The surprise at how much older you are, like they only saw you a day ago when it has been years. As a chikd I felt everyday of those years they dragged on and on. Then one day I grew up and now I hear those same words out of my mouth "oh my god you can't be in high school you were just a baby". Days fly by in a blink. Blink twice and 6 months is gone. This weekend we are celebrating my minions birthdays. Oldest will be 6 on Sunday. Perfect father's day gift. The babe will be 4 next month so due to hectic schedules we are combining friend parties and will have a family gathering next  month. I cannot believe how fast these years have flown. Each day gets shorter and shorter.  It feels as though I was just giving birth. My kids are my world but I worry about how hectic I feel. Do they know how loved they are? Do I create enough special moments?  I try. I hope they are enjoying their childhood. I loved mine and somedays I miss the eternity that one day could be. One day their days too will be gone in the blink of an eye.

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