Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Where I am.

Six months ago I was talking to my husband about our experience as a couple in WoW and how that had shaped the way our relationship currently looks. WoW took a toll on us, which I explained briefly in my first post. I had recently found the Twitter community, and I wanted to share our story. I figured we couldn't be that unique and had hoped that people relate to our story. We decided that I should start a blog about how I am a closeted geek, quite the inside joke. I don't feel so closeted any more, I don't hide my gaming as much, and I am much more open with my geeky references.  I was hesitant to start the blog I am not a writer, I have never aspired to be a writer. I write when I have to, I write for school and work. I was surprised at how much I enjoy writing. It has a bit of catharsis to it, but it is more than that. The few comments I have gotten brighten my day. Just completing a post gives me a sense of accomplishment. I haven't shared with many people that I write occasionally in my own blog, nor what I write about. While I am not concerned about what the few people that read my blog think about my writing skills or my opinions, the thoughts of those who surround me is very important to me. Their judgment scares me to death. So I avoid it and don't tell them.
I am rambling again, the point I was wanting to get to is that I have started to love blogging and I want to do it more. I thought I would have more time to carve out without being in school, but that has just not happened. Self-discipline is in order I think along with not just talking about WoW. WoW is hardly the biggest part of my life, there are so many things that are catching my interest daily. My posts will hopefully be broader and more frequent. One post a week is my goal. We'll see if I get there and maybe, just maybe I'll tell someone that knows me that I write... Thanks for reading

Peace and Love,


  1. Mixing it up definitely helps keep things interesting. I was so sad when I stopped playing WoW for a while; I felt like I couldn't write on my blog because people would be expecting WoW content, only to be disappointed.

    Good luck finding a balance, and I'm glad to hear that you're more open with your geeky passions :)

    1. :) Thank you! I really don't want to get stuck just writing about one thing, and really want to write more. So now that I have deadlines hopefully I will! Self-discipline!